Mesh Technology / Mesh Engine

Mesh Engine


MESH for better traffic light system

Key Benefits

TrafficSens System (M) Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia company has take a challenge to develop an adaptive signal system called MESH to maximize the functionality of traffic signal. MESH is develop to be a competitive product to other established adaptive signal system such as SCATS and SCOOTS.

MESH takes a real-time traffic data for its operating system. Basically, MESH provides a functionality to isolated and network junction.

MESH Engine

MESH for better traffic light system

Key Benefits
  • MESH use the real-time data to decide cycle length
  • MESH can handle the varying demands and saturated conditions
  • MESH support the random phase in a cycle and work efficiently at isolated junctions
  • MESH can handle the exception case such as detectors failure or network down
  • MESH is a user friendly and no depth of computer expertise is needed to carry out all traffic-related applications
  • MESH engine can reduce the operation cost as the system is operating in a local controller without having a central computer management
  • CCTV, ET & CC mobile is a special functionality for easy traffic monitoring
  • MESH provides a low and easy maintenance to client


Random Mode

MESH for better traffic light system

Random mode is suitable to use at isolated junctions with support a lot of movements. Random mode automatically find switching based on real-time information from loop detector.

Parameter used: Average Delay and Queue Length

Next Phase : Phase C
Average Delay at C > A, C > B