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Flood Detection


The flooding of roads adjacent to flood-prone areas has been a problem to the road users in Malaysia. Such flooding normally occurs because of large volume of rainfall and/or clogging of streams, rivers, lakes or drains causing overflowing to the adjacent roads.

A Road Floods Warning System consists of a Junction Controller and Flood Sensing Devices which are installed beside the road adjacent to the flood-prone road segments. When the Flood Sensing Devices detect a certain road segment is flooded, a signal is transmitted to the nearest Junction Controller. The Junction Controller will, in turn, pass this flood alarm or information to the Control Centre or via SMS to the relevant parties. With a network of Road Floods Warning System, the City Council or Local Authority is able to make immediate decision by demanding the Junction Controller to warn road users ahead of the flood or divert traffic flows by means of traffic light signals, variable message signage (VMS), radio broadcast or others.

The Flood Sensing Devices comprise water level sensors which are installed at the strategic locations within a certain radius to the Junction Controller. When the water level sensors detect the level of the flood water exceeding a certain preset value, they will trigger an alarm signal and it will be received by the Junction Controller.

The below Figure 1 demonstrates the basic architecture of a Road Floods Warning System.

This innovative idea of Flood Detection System has been patented under Malaysia Patent Registration No.: MY-151290-A.