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MC1 Trafffic Controller

TrafficSens™ Controller

The TrafficSens traffic light controller provides the most advance solutions to benefit road users, the environment and the economy.

Key Benefit

High degree of local intelligence.
Completely flexible stage sequencing.
Distributed control strategy.
Safety standards with independent conflict monitoring.
Modular architecture.

Key Features

  • Fixed time control.
  • Traffic-actuated control.
  • Stage based controller.
  • Real time dynamic operation.
  • IP-based communication architecture.
  • GPS time synchronisation.
  • Wired communications, e.g.
    twisted-pair or fiber-optic.
  • Wireless communications, e.g.
    GPRS, Edge, 3G or 4G.
  • SMS alerts.
  • Electronic serial number.
  • Fully customised to integrate with other Intelligent Traffic Systems, e.g. variable message signage (VMS) system, flood warning system, video detection system, CCTV, red light camera, speed detection, etc.
Key Functional Specifications *
Number of signal groups Max. 20
Number of output circuits Max. 60
Output circuit monitoring Each output circuit
Number of vehicle detector inputs Max. 20
Number of pedestrian push button inputs Max. 20
Number of signal plans Max. 20
Number of traffic stages in each signal plan Max. 20


Key Technical Specifications*
Main Voltages 230V, VAC ±10%
Mains Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 80W(controller only)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 65°C
Relative Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Degree of Protection IP 55 (IEC 60529 : 2001)
EMC Compliance EN50293:2001 “Road Traffic Signal System”
Mechanical & Environmental Compliance IEC 255-21-1; IEC 255-21-2; IEC60068-2-2;
IEC 60068-2-3; IEC 60068-2-30
Cabinet Materials 2mm thick galvanized steel sheet
Cabinet Dimensions 1200mm (H) x 650mm (W) x 370mm(D)
Cabinet Weight 80kg (minimum)
Compatibility with Signal Heads Manufacturer independent LEDs