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PGIS (Parking Guidance Information System)



The area around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman has been known prone to traffic congestion. Even with the numerous public transport option available to the area such as LRT, Monorel, buses and taxis, traffic can come down to a crawl especially during peak hour. Study has shown that one of the main reasons for the congestion was due to car drivers looking for parking around the area.

PGIS or Parking Guidance Information System is an information board system to provide private car users with the available parking spaces in complexes around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL. The boards are installed at strategic location along major road heading toward Bukit Bintang and KLCC area.

With PGIS, it will help driver to reduce time spent on finding parking, and thus reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Key Benefit

LED board capable of alpha-numeric, weather proof
Wireless communication (GPRS/3G) between terminal unit to server
Expandable to include more parking sites and information boards
Parking information available online as well via website