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TrafficSens Control Centre


TrafficSens Control Centre Software is an advanced traffic control system optimised for IP-based traffic controllers. It is a one stop centre for the operator to monitor and manage all the junctions in the system. The control centre provides functionality such as:

User management



Override command

Event & Logs

Statistic & Reports

Key Benefit

Open Architecture.
Extensive report facility including generation of system logs, traffic data and reports.
Intuitive interface with latest technology.
Flexible communication architecture supports twisted-pair, fiber-optic or radio/wireless communications.

Key Features

Real-time information

  • Phase movement, detector actuation, status, alarm and log messages are shown in realtime.
  • Realtime time-space diagrams for linked junctions.
  • Alarms can be sent to maintenance team via sms or email.
  • Statistical data of detector actuation.

PC-based client/server scalable design

  • Comprise PC-based servers and workstations interconnected via a local area network (LAN).
    Multiple users can access the system simultaneously and each user is able to access the system with security feature.
  • Open architecture with Linux OS and PostgreSQL backed database
  • Client application runs on windows OS and mobile app (Mobile ET) for android platform

Override command

  • Allows operator monitoring the system to quickly override traffic signal operation by sending commands to the traffic light controllers.

User access control

  • Different level of access control can be configured for each user to controls the modules which they have access to.